Thursday, September 9, 2010

It is a communal errands......

Our College of Education, Samtse under Royal University of Bhutan offers different types of programmes in Bachelor’s Degree for those who opted to become an unselfishly dedicated teacher in their life. Health and Physical Education Course (HPE) is one elective module conferred to the B.Ed Secondary candidates till date.

Since its conception in two Colleges of Education, i.e. Paro and Samtse, in 2003, this course has been equipping the trainees with generals principles of Health and Physiques which is inevitable in present contemporary society especially in fast changing country like Bhutan.

Health and Physical Education course also offers same credits as other module (ie.12 credits per module) and it is both exam oriented and course work. This module equates any other module offered in Secondary level as it is assessed based on course work and examination (50% each).

But the most interesting thing in our College is that almost 85% of the Trainees think that HPE is co-curricular activity oriented. People have the notion that HPE trainees are responsible for all the co-curricular activities and they tries to look from downwards. Of course by default, we the only 3rd year HPE trainees (only 12 of us) try our best to serve but sometimes we fail due to innumerable unavoidable circumstances and people never realize at this situation including office bearers of the college and commends on their own free will. We welcome such valuable feedbacks and appreciated for their tokens but sometimes it is imperative to realize that conducting co-curricular activity in college is not only for HPE trainees but communal errands of every individual in the college as we are working as team.

As long as we live, we need to be in good health. If we lose good health, we aren’t happy. Physical Education can support our healthy life.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not too late…………..

College of Education: Samtse
It was tender 2008 when I enter the College with lots of hopes, aspirations and dreams of becoming a versatile person in life. Unexpressed emotions form a flux within my mind due to lots of suspicions and expectations during my three year stay in the College. I was worried because I was not secure enough to take this teaching as profession and I was happy because I have numerous expectations form this college for my personal and professional development.

Three years down the line, today I am up to my own dream and aspirations. I guess all the mysterious doubts about this teaching profession have been cleared vividly and I am confident enough to face any challenges that obstruct my way.

But at the same time, some works are still left fragmentary. There are hardly two months to graduate and I feel some components of professional and personal necessity is not yet finished which is supposed to be completing in the college. Do I have enough time to do everything at one go? It not possible and now it is late for me.

“What did you do during three years of your stay here at college beside your academic works? Did you contribute something which would be helpful for those generations coming hereafter? Did you manage to be friendly with every individual in the college? Did you ever hurt others for any reason and forgive them? What are you taking as a gift of your stay here after you graduation”?