Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Co-curricular Activities in Fall Semester 2010

Inter-CG Badminton Championship was held from 9/08/2010 to 16/08/2010.

The Final was graced by Mr. Yeshi Dorji, representative from UNFPA as a guest of honour. We had our college staff teams leaded by director sir.This match was conducted in accordance with the college sports calender 2010 and it is solely for the respective CGs. But it seems that participants and officials are working for their own beneficial as CG councillors hardly visit the tournament. They even had tough time to manage the refreshment at least for the participants (Missed Twice).

Similarly, Inter-CG Table Tennis is going on and it seems it is on track but officials are having tough time to manage the game as some never turn up for the duty..

Next upcoming tournament we have is Inter-CG Basketball tournament. Before fixture drawing, we will have official clinic whereby the respective CG councillors will also take part to avoid the complication during the tournament.

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