Thursday, April 16, 2015

Physical Education

Teaching Physical Education in school is moment where I rejoice and enjoy. Its fun time for me and my children. However due to acute shortage of resources, I am not able to conduct as I wish. Improvisation is the word that i always carry in my dictionary yet due to lack of time as I have to divide my time into academic and PE, it has really hindered my performance in PE classes. Nevertheless, I will keep going as "when going get tough, tough gets going".

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I am a Horse now!

Basically Human being have got four phase of their life stage according to the myth. Myth unfurl that when the almighty blessed the human civilization, the actual life span of human being is only 25 years. But due to the burning desires of the people, life span has extended to 100 years (Tselo japa).

The actual Human Phase (First phase of Life)
 This phase of life starts from the birth to age 25 years. Myth says that this is one of the most enjoyable periods of our life because during this stage, we enjoy in various forms. Most are energetic and young at this stage and are able. People taste their real life from infant to children. children to youth to adolescent stage and then to adult. So people creates their environment and try to enjoy their life without any burden.

The Horse phase (Second Phase of Life)
When people attend 25 years and are about to end their life span, they thought that it is not enough for them and asked the god to extend their life span. God went in search of another extra life and find no where. Eventually, Mr Horse was having 25 years life balance and agreed to give away to human beings. As a matter of fact, all people who are in between the age range of 25 to 50 years experiences a "Horse life" whereby they have to under go a variety of difficulties and hardship in this age range.
Horse usually have to agree to their owner without any objection.If the owner is too selfish and make to carry heavy loads, horse have no options rather then to agree the owner. Speechless Horse just suffer a lo and have to bear bear all the pains of cold dusty winter and hot marshy summer. Similarly, we the human beings have to carry all the responsibilities be it personal, family, relatives or professional. We have to be at par with the society whether we are able or not. So therefore, I am into "Horse Life" and I am feeling quite burden be it professionally or personally

Dog's phase
People  .upon reaching the age of 50 years, people were still unsatisfied with their bestowed life span. They requested the almighty above to bless with some more years so as to live long enjoying the earthly things. God had tough time in searching balance life stage because there were no other animal whose life spsn left. Finally found a dog with extra 25 years.
Dog agreed and gave away another 25 years to human life span totaling up to 75 years. Because of the selfishness and attachment of human being, in dog's life stage that is from 50 to 75 years of age, people suffer like a dog. Rational here is that many are in in-able stage at this particular age as grandpa and grandma. What I have observed in our society (not all but few) is usually sons and daughters take their parents with them in the name of letting them to chant MANI by keeping with them which in reality they make them to babysit while going office. My thinking here is that our grandpas and grandmas are suffering like dog here. If their sons or daughter is at par with their counter part, grandpas and grandmas are looked well, cared well and loved well but the situation is otherwise if its not. So life stage of dog is used nicely in this phase of human life span.
Owl's phase
The last phase is owl's phase. Here upon last request of human beings to almighty, god has borrowed form bird. Owl volunteered to give away its 25 years life span to human being. In owl's phase, people become too old for everything. Neither they can differentiate day nor night! They feeds on whatever their grand sons and grand daughters gives. Sad thing here is even if they are not fed, they are not able to ask for though they need in reality. They suffer like an owl suffer on a branch of tree while raining!

The analogy I have drawn from this oral story shared to me by elderly people seems quite realistic and compatible with our life stages. Since I could not dig out the source in this story, ALL are welcome to comment on it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth. Life sometimes is a miraculous. Unexpected things are always expected. People never realized that human beings create an environment. Every body seems lost in their own world. Some in the world of romantic, some in denial, some in demise, some in contentment, some in desolation, some in grief and so on. Sometimes it is just like a broken page that swing swiftly by innocent wind ceaselessly to an inexpressible destination. …………..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memories are those treasures that nobody can steal...

Living History in Living Soul...

We prepare for everything. We prepare for whatsoever that may come hereafter. We never realise which comes first; tomarrow or the death. But at last when the death brings her icy hand irrespective of the status, ages, races etc, we go unprepared....